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How to get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is the logical consequence of an accumulation of adipocytes cells which, lodged under the dermis, create unsightly granular appearances. Everyone can be affected and this is normal. There are many causes: they can be of inflammatory origin, hormonal, hereditary or linked to a sedentary lifestyle and an inappropriate diet. This accumulation of fat cells can be painful, especially if you are subject to circulatory problems and therefore water retention.

Do you have water cellulite and how to treat it?

The appearance of watery cellulite is linked to circulatory, blood and lymphatic problems. To recognize it, simply press your fingers on the area. If your fingers leave a slightly depressed cup shape, your cellulite is said to be watery. It can be found on the ankles, calves, thighs and arms.

→ What to do?

As for treatments: Maison Magnifisens recommends Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage and/or pressotherapy alternating with the DUCRET method of palpating and rolling.

As for sports: choose water-related sports, such as swimming and/or aqua aerobics. You can also go cycling.

As for food: eat less salt! And target draining nutrients or supplement your diet with food supplements.

Do you have cellulite and how to treat it?

Adipose cellulite is caused by an imbalance in diet and a lack of exercise. It is the accumulation of too much fat. The adipocyte cells, present in too great a number, become engulfed, one against the other. This causes a circulatory problem, a slowing down of cellular exchanges, and a bad elimination of waste and toxins. Result: the appearance of dimples, and therefore cellulite. Very often, adipose cellulite is painful. It is found on the thighs and above the knees.

→ What to do?

On the treatment side: Maison Magnifisens recommends cavitation, cold lasers and radiofrequency. The combination of radiofrequency and cavitation ultrasound allows to reach deep subcutaneous fat, to lose centimeters and to improve the skin texture. Depending on your profile, you can also turn to cryolipolysis, a recent, selective, non-invasive and painless method that reduces localized fatty deposits through cold. Finally, you can finish your course with treatments such as palpate rolling and lymphatic drainage.

As for sports: to burn your stored fat, target endurance sports such as brisk walking, running, or rowing…

As for food: eat better! The Maison Magnifisens team will help you to regain a healthy diet, which is essential to recognize the “bad” fats responsible for adipose cellulite.

Do you have fibrous cellulite and how to treat it?

Fibrous cellulite is the most resistant, the oldest, and the most painful! The fibres are indurated, i.e. thick and hard. Fibrous cellulite has several causes: a diet that is too fatty, a lack of exercise, age, hormones, and therefore the menopause. To recognize it, just look at the texture of your skin when it is loose. If you feel a ball of localized fat cells, it is fibrous cellulite.

→ Que faire ?

On the treatment side: Maison Magnifisens recommends cryolipolysis, which is very effective on localized fat. To improve results, cavitation and radiofrequency sessions are recommended to fluidify fat cells. Finally, to break up these fatty clusters, you can also opt for palpate and roll.

As for sports: to burn stored fat, focus on endurance sports such as brisk walking or cycling.

As for food: eliminate refined white sugar (pastries, industrial cakes, etc.) and focus on vegetables, proteins and wholemeal starchy foods. And don’t forget to stay well hydrated.

The 6 anti-cellulite reflexes

1/ Eat a varied and balanced diet.

2/ Drink water throughout the day (and not in bulk at any one time) for proper hydration.

3/ Bring colour into your life through fresh fruit and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, trace elements.

4/ Recover the taste for cooking yourself in order to get away from industrial dishes. Yes, we need dietary fats to maintain our cells, but be careful about the quality of these fats.

5/ Think of supplementing your daily intake from time to time with food supplements such as antioxidants that can counteract inflammation of your cellulite and/or your joints.

6/ Do sports to fight cellulite, choosing cardio related activities first. You need to relocate the fat by burning it. In addition, you will improve your circulatory system and consequently firm up your tissues and reduce your orange peel appearance. And for those of you who are not keen on sports, don’t hesitate to ask about our EMSculpt muscle recovery treatment.