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An immediate beauty boost!

Come and experience the specific Dermalogica treatment with our expert Skin Therapists trained at the Dermalogica school!

This tailor-made treatment offers an immediate result. It is a cocooning experience, of well-being, associated with a return to beauty and full health of your skin.

Dermalogica Care Paris

How is Dermalogica care?

→ You will benefit from a personalized diagnosis of your skin and adapted advice by our beauticians.

→ Your skin will be deeply cleansed by a double cleansing, exfoliation, blackhead extraction if needed with the ultrasonic blade or manual extraction.

→ Your skin will be stimulated by a therapeutic massage by modelling the face, neck and shoulders, targeting points of tension, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and penetrating active products.

→ Your skin will be treated with a specific serum whose penetration of active products can be enhanced by iontophoresis, followed by the application of a mask. We use serums and masks with higher concentrations than the products on sale.

→ To finish, the application of a ritual adapted to the health of your skin and your expectations including: a cream, an SPF, and an eye contour.

Result? You will leave this treatment rested and invigorated and will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin, a beautiful radiance, and a reduction in the visible signs of aging. An immediate beauty boost! Your skin will be rehydrated, allowing it to take full advantage of the active ingredients used in your daily morning and evening ritual.

You will leave with advice to optimize your cosmetic routine.

I want to give my face a radiance boost and deep cleansing...

How much does
Dermalogica care cost?



130 €

What are the results?

What are the contraindications of the Dermalogica treatment?

- an allergy to the products used

Why choose the Dermalogica treatment at Maison Magnifisens?

Our beauticians are expert Skin Therapists qualified by Dermalogica, they also have experience in complementary treatments to beautify the skin while preserving its health. Medical technologies can be combined with peeling, LEDs...

What are the prices?

1 treatment 1h: 120 €.