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Discover the Hydrafacial® treatment: the must-have in aesthetic medicine

In the constantly evolving field of aesthetic medicine, Hydrafacial® stands out as an essential reference for those who want to cleanse and revitalize their skin without resorting to invasive procedures. Combining efficiency, innovation, and gentleness, this procedure promises a unique beauty experience, suitable for all skin types.

Why opt for a Hydrafacial® treatment?

This treatment stands out for its ability to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. Thanks to advanced technology, it extracts impurities while enriching the skin with serums tailored to the specific needs of each individual. This treatment not only improves the overall appearance of the skin by deeply cleansing it but also helps to address skin issues such as blackheads, enlarged pores, oily skin, fine lines, and even hyperpigmentation. Providing your skin with a Hydrafacial® treatment means choosing natural radiance and optimal skin health.

Hydrafacial® integrates perfectly into a personalized aesthetic care program, offering excellent results in combination with other treatments.

It prepares your skin for other aesthetic medicine treatments. It primes the skin and enhances the results of other treatments such as medical peels, monopolar radiofrequency Exion®, microneedling combined or not with fractional radiofrequency (Morpheus8® or Exion®)…

Discover the Hydrafacial® treatment: the must-have in aesthetic medicine

How does the Hydrafacial® treatment proceed?

The session consists of several key steps, performed during a single session. Firstly, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated to remove dead cells and reveal a new layer of skin. This step prepares the skin to receive the following treatments. Next, gentle yet effective suction is used to remove impurities and excess sebum from the pores. After this purification, the skin is nourished with the application of booster serums rich in antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Depending on your skin, the choice of active products used will be completely personalized. After nourishing your skin, you will benefit from LED phototherapy to accentuate the skin regeneration process.

Optionally, lymphatic drainage with suction cups is offered to deeply detoxify your tissues. This very relaxing step helps purify the skin, improve its texture, and redefine facial contours.

This non-invasive process guarantees visible improvement immediately after the treatment, without any necessary downtime. You may observe improvements in the texture of the skin with less dilated pores, in fine lines and wrinkles, in a bright and radiant complexion, in skin hydration, in acne, and in pigmentation spots.

Possible combinations with other aesthetic medicine treatments:

For instance, when combined with anti-aging treatments like botox or fillers injections, it can enhance the rejuvenating effect by improving the texture and hydration of the skin. It can also be combined with treatments such as microneedling with Skin Pen®, radiofrequency like Exion®, microneedling with fractional radiofrequency like Morpheus8®, peels, and regeneration treatments like PRX-T33®, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the treatments.

In conclusion, the Hydrafacial® treatment represents a preferred solution for anyone looking to improve the appearance and health of their skin without resorting to invasive methods. Thanks to its versatility and immediate results, this treatment adapts to a wide range of aesthetic needs and desires while providing a moment of relaxation and self-care. If you are seeking radiant, smooth, and rejuvenated skin, the Hydrafacial® treatment is the right answer to your expectations.

What areas can be treated?

The Hydrafacial® treatment can be used for:

  • The face
  • The neck
  • The cleavage
  • The lips
  • The eye area...
  • The back
  • The arms
  • The buttocks...
  • Discover the Hydrafacial® treatment: the must-have in aesthetic medicine

I want radiant and hydrated skin...

What is the price of
the Hydrafacial®?

What are the prices?

What are the contraindications for Hydrafacial®?

Although Hydrafacial® treatment is suitable for almost all skin types, some medical conditions may be contraindications.

- It is particularly not recommended for people with active skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, in the areas to be treated.

- Similarly, individuals with a history of allergic reactions to ingredients contained in the serums should exercise caution.

- Pregnancy

- Breastfeeding

- Epilepsy

Why Choose Maison Magnifisens?

You will find the latest generation of Hydrafacial® called Syndeo®, which allows for up to 12 treatments with an infinite number of customization options with over 60 patents filed, including Vortex-Fusion® technology.