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Jet peel: which skin care product and which vitamin cocktail to choose according to your skin?

Blemishes, acne and scalp

To eliminate unsightly pigment spots (such as age spots or sun spots), we have the effective solution: a complex of vitamin C and phytotherapy (lemongrass, lemon balm, yarrow, blackberry, red vine extract…). This cocktail will even out your complexion and give it a glow from the very first session.

If your skin is acne-prone, the treatment will improve sebum regulation. Your skin will be comfortable, smooth and luminous with a reduction, even a disappearance, of acne scars.

For the scalp, you will quickly notice a significant reduction in hair loss and a resumption of growth of a more radiant and silky hair.

Firm up your skin and smooth out your wrinkles

To firm up your skin and reduce wrinkles, opt for the infusion called ATX NAT. Composed of argireline, betaine and hyaluronic acid, it reduces the volume of wrinkles by 21%, the depth of wrinkles by 11% and improves the suppleness of the skin by 78% according to a research study conducted in collaboration with the University of Pavia after 6 treatment sessions. The effects are similar to those of Botulinum toxin A, or Botox, with the difference that it relaxes the muscles naturally instead of paralyzing them. This treatment therefore helps to firm the skin and consequently reduce wrinkles without injections!

Another treatment can be proposed to obtain rapid and lasting anti-aging results. This is a protocol called “Power biphasic”, which is carried out either as a cure of 6 weekly sessions for mature skin, or as a single shock treatment for an immediate firming and radiance effect. Two different compounds are used. In the first, hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights and bio-peptides are used for an efficient penetration of the nutrients in the solution. In the second, there are highly concentrated anti-aging active ingredients including plant stem cells, betaine, rice bran protein, soy protein and Echinacea extract. It is a highly concentrated treatment that is very effective, even on mature skin over 50.

Optimize your Jet peel with vitamin infusions

These different options are offered during a Jet peel to reinforce or complete the treatment. Choose according to your skin type to obtain an even more radiant result.

1/ An infusion of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for :

→ reduce under-eye puffiness and swelling

→ strengthen the skin’s immune system

→ restore elasticity and promote college production.

2/ An infusion of vitamin B5 (panthenol) for :

→ promote skin hydration

→ accelerate healing

→ firm up the tissues

→ illuminate the complexion

3/ An infusion of vitamins A and E for :

→ strengthen the skin’s tone by reducing folds wrinkles and fine lines

→ slow down the effects of skin aging (antioxidant action)

→ slow down the destruction of collagen

4/ An infusion of hyaluronic acid for :

→ add volume and plump up

→ moisturize deeply

→ Improvement of the skin texture

→ obtain better dermal density, and therefore better skin tone

Come and discover all the benefits of this natural and personalized treatment at Maison Magnifisens.