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Getting a new skin
with a medical peel

Looking to even out your skin tone? To bring radiance and luminosity to your face? Remove skin imperfections such as brown spots or sun spots (solar keratosis)? Erase fine lines? Tighten your pores? Erase certain acne scars? Prevent or treat the signs of aging?

In short, you want a new skin! The medical peel is the solution.

A peel consists of applying a cocktail of acidic chemical substances in varying concentrations to the skin in order to cause a real exfoliation of the epidermis. It is associated with a stimulation of the production of collagen fibres.

This technique will revive the radiance of your skin by reducing imperfections. The peeling has an action on the regeneration of your epidermis thanks to the cellular renewal provoked.

This treatment is personalized in order to reach your objectives, while taking into account the quality of your skin and its tolerance.

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Two peel protocols:
Jet Peel or classic peel?

The peeling incorporated in the JET PEEL protocol uses either glycolic acid (fruit acid, which remains the reference) in different concentrations adapted to the skin, or mandelic acid chosen for its excellent tolerance. 

The peeling is then completed by a deep revitalization treatment adapted to the person’s needs based on different products such as hyaluronic acid, different vitamins and minerals. To learn more, please visit our Jet Peel page.

The second protocol used at Maison Magnifisens is a deeper and more personalized peel based on gluconolactone. This molecule is well tolerated and is adapted to sensitive skin. Optimized by a keratolytic action, it is as effective as fruit acids. 

A complete active ingredient with multiple properties, this care product has an antioxidant effect, a moisturizing action and a collagen regeneration action. It is non-photosensitizing. It will be combined with other specific targeted acids, chosen according to your skin, such as:

Glycolic acid to reinforce the stimulation of skin renewal to treat wrinkles and firmness of your skin. This is Time Peel.

– Phytic acid with citric and glycolic acid to act on skin whitening on the surface of the skin to treat spots and the radiance of your skin with a powerful action of cellular renewal. This is the Bright peel, the most complete in the results obtained.

– Mandelic acid to treat wrinkles and the radiance of your skin (very good tolerance for this peel). This is the Light peel.


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The medical peel is the "perfect skin" treatment par excellence. The result is amazing!

How does the Peel work?

The peeling is done in three steps. Dr Sandra Texier explains them to you.

Step 1: Preparation phase for the peel


The patient is comfortably installed in a lying position. Sensitive areas such as the eyes and mucous membranes are protected. Then, a pre-peel lotion is applied evenly to the area to be treated using a cotton pad or a compress to allow the skin’s pH to gradually decrease. This prepares the skin and evens out the skin’s pH.

Step 2: Application of the peel


The peeling solution is applied with a brush to the entire area to be treated. It is then left on for three minutes during the first session. This time can be gradually increased depending on the person’s tolerance.

Please note: the peeling performed is defined beforehand during a consultation in order to adapt the treatment to your objectives according to your skin.

Step 3: Post-peel care


After the peel, a neutralizing and soothing treatment is applied. Active products based on sodium bicarbonate are used to neutralize the action of the acids used and to soothe the skin. This post-peel product is applied with a cotton pad or a compress. The operation should be repeated if necessary. Rinse with water if necessary. Then, the skin is dried. The treatment is finally completed with the application of a cream in massage for a good hydration.


Note: the peeling takes half an hour. There is no social eviction. You can therefore resume a normal activity immediately after the treatment. The peel can therefore be performed at lunchtime, for example, and will not prevent you from returning to work afterwards.

What areas can be treated?

The peel can be used on:

  • The face
  • The décolletage
  • The hands

I want to give my face a radiance boost and deep cleansing...

How much does the Peeling cost?

What are the results?

What are the contraindications of peeling?

- an allergy to the products used
- acne medication
- any retinoic medication
- pregnancy
- breastfeeding
- outbreak of acne, herpes or any other infection on the area to be treated
- no hair removal from the area to be treated (at least 7 days before the session)

The peel should preferably be performed on non-tanned skin. Autumn and winter are the ideal periods to carry out this treatment.

The peel must be carried out on well-prepared skin, i.e. on skin that has been well moisturised for the 15 days prior to the treatment.

After the session, no exposure to the sun to UV the month following the treatment.

Moisturise your skin well with a suitable cream the week following the peel.

There are possible side effects such as skin peeling, the appearance of redness or scabs, a burning sensation and skin pulling, pigmentation disorders.

Why choose the Maison Magnifisens peeling?

Choosing Maison Magnifisens means offering yourself a quality peel performed by an experienced team and carried out by the doctor Texier Sandra. We use high quality products from the Fillmed Laboratory.

Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities, both for the result obtained and for the well-being during the treatment. A prior consultation is necessary before any peeling treatment.

You can complete this treatment with other complementary treatments.

What are the prices?

1 session: 120 €