Lose weight,
lastingly and visibly

Do you want to reach your ideal weight while avoiding yo-yo’s and dietary imbalances?

Thanks to a personalized nutrition follow-up, you will reach your goal and improve your health. You will feel good in your body and in your head.

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Accompanying your weight loss with nutrition sessions allows you to obtain visible results quickly.

This personalized support also allows you to adopt good habits from the start. And not to get discouraged.

At Maison Magnifisens, you will find a multidisciplinary team: Dr. Sandra Texier, nutritionist and therapist, a dietician, and beauty technicians.

Dr. Texier uses a personalized nutritional method according to your needs, your tastes and your habits for progressive results, and above all, a long-lasting result.

The nutrition consultation is a time for exchange, support, sharing and accompaniment. A single consultation may be sufficient to answer your questions and meet your needs, although in most cases a real follow-up plan will be established to reach your goal (one consultation per month).

I thought I was well informed on the subject and I had already been followed by a nutritionist in the past, but with Dr. Sandra Teixier, I really learned to understand my body and how it works. The follow-up is 100% personalized and today I feel good in my body. And in my head! Thank you very much.

Why consult?

Nutrition is for you if:

  • You want to increase your chances of success in losing weight.
  • You want to increase your chances of success in weight maintenance.
  • You want to take action to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
  • You want to learn how to adapt your diet to your needs according to your age, gender and lifestyle.
  • You want a personalized follow-up to reach your goals.
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I want to lose weight sustainably or learn to eat better...

How much does
a consultation cost?

femme qui se pèse


110 € (1h)

femme à la plage


70 € (30 min)

What are the results?

What are the contraindications?

There are none! We can help you if you want to:
- lose weight
- rebalance your diet
- improve your health
- obtain your healthy weight
- rebalance or prevent diabetes, cholesterol disorders, dyslipidemia
- balance your diet during a pregnancy or in a nursing woman
- dietary support during a smoking cessation, for example.

Why choose Maison Magnifisens?

At Maison Magnificence, you will find a multidisciplinary team: Dr. Sandra Texier, nutritionist and therapist, a dietician, and aesthetic technicians to allow you to obtain quick results.
You can also discover how to act at the body level with, for example, muscle strengthening sessions thanks to Emsculpt (16% muscle mass gain on worked area with 20% fat loss) and techniques to save time in weight loss of localized or diffuse fat such as cryolipolysis, cavitation or radiofrequency.
The Maison Magnifisens is a welcoming and caring place. Its team is at your disposal.

What are the prices?

First nutritional consultation (1h) : 110 €.
Follow-up consultation (30 min) : 70 €.