Say goodbye to cellulite,
firm up your skin

EMTONE is a recent medical technology, non-invasive and without social eviction, which combines monopolar radiofrequency and shock waves. It is a solution to treat cellulite and reduce its appearance. Thanks to an increased production of collagen and elastic, the skin will be tightened.

It is the first and only device to simultaneously deliver thermal and mechanical energy to treat all the main factors of cellulite and skin laxity in an effective and non-invasive way. This simultaneous emission is operated by a single applicator.

femme heureuse

The EMTONE device will allow to reduce the different stages of cellulite, whether it is soft or hard, and to firm up flabby or granular skin. 

It is the only device capable of treating the 5 causes of cellulite and sagging skin. Its dual action will atrophy fat pockets, reshape collagen, restore skin elasticity, improve blood circulation and increase the elimination of metabolic waste.

Thanks to its synergistic emission, the duration of treatment with EMTONE is divided by two and its effect on the connective tissue is accentuated. Unlike anti-cellulite massages and surgical approaches, the device treats non-invasively and effectively from 4 therapeutic sessions. The treatment is spread out over a month, with one or two sessions per week.

During the session, and after the patient lies down in a relaxing position, the probe is placed on the area to be treated. It is manipulated by the professional during 12 minutes on each treated area. The therapeutic temperature of 42°C emitted by the EMTONE is reached within 60 to 90 seconds and is monitored throughout the session. It is important that the patient is in total comfort.

Rest assured, EMTONE sessions do not require any special precautions before or after the session. It does not leave any undesirable traces on your skin and you will be able to resume your normal activity as soon as the session is over.

I had tried everything after my pregnancies to get rid of my cellulite, to no avail. Since I tried EMTONE, I have regained my firm skin and I am no longer ashamed to wear a bathing suit.

What areas can be treated?

The EMTONE technique can be used on different areas of the body:

  • The arms
  • The abdomen
  • The buttocks
  • The thighs
  • The love handles
  • femme à la piscine

I first make an appointment for an assessment, then I choose...

How much does
EMTone cost?

femme qui s'étire

1 session
1 area

300 €

femme en culotte


1 500 €

femme à la plage


2 000 €

What are the results?

What are the contraindications of EMTONE?

Severe and recurrent haemorrhagic disease
- AIDS or autoimmune disease
- Severe renal or hepatic insufficiency
- Cancer in progressive phase
- Skin lesion on the area to be treated or bullous disease

Why choose the EMTONE from Maison Magnifisens?

At Maison Magnifisens, you will be supervised by health professionals who will be able to guide you and advise you in your journey; the doctor Sandra TEXIER, expert in nutrition, will answer all your questions.
You will be received in one of the most beautiful places in Paris, a warm and comfortable setting so that you feel as comfortable as possible.
Moreover, our packages are at unbeatable prices, it is the opportunity to take care of you while making some savings!

What are the prices?

1 session, 1 area: 300 €
4 sessions: 1 500 €
6 sessions: 2 000 €