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Dermalogica: our new dermo-cosmetic partner

After a careful search for a partner that met all my selection criteria, I chose the Dermalogica brand. With an experience of more than 30 years, Dermalogica has an approach focused on the health of the skin to offer excellent care based on scientific research, focusing on the use of real active ingredients in high concentration and offering immediate and lasting visible results.

do a dermalogica treatment in paris

Dermalogica products are free of mineral oil, lanolin, denatured alcohol, artificial fragrances and colors.
Vegetarian and gluten free.
94% vegan products.
No animal testing.
Made in California, USA.
The number one professional skin care brand in the world.

The 6 Dermalogica face ranges at Maison Magnifisens

Dermalogica in Paris

Daily Skin Health

These are the must-have Dermalogica facials suitable for all skin types with bestsellers like the Daily Microfoliant exfoliating powder that will leave your skin brightened, smoothed and soft. It is the best selling product in the world with a sale every 45 seconds!

water gel dermalogica


This range brings immediate and absolute comfort to sensitive and sensitized skin while treating the causes at the source to prevent future reactions.
Products suitable for people undergoing specific treatments such as isotretinoin (roaccutane), chemotherapy…

firming serum dermalogica

AGE smart

Dermalogica’s anti-ageing range to preserve the health of your skin at every stage of life.

bioolumin serum dermalogica


Your skin will be luminous thanks to a complex of ultra stable and bioavailable vitamin C. Products to fight against environmental factors and free radicals.

clearing skin wash dermalogica

Active Clearing

Highly effective formulas, both preventive and corrective, specially developed to quickly eliminate impurities, treat imperfections (pimples, blackheads, excess sebum …) and reduce the post inflammatory marks of adult skin.

dark sport serum dermalogica

PowerBright TRx

A brightening skin care range that controls melanin production, reduces dark spots and prevents hyperpigmentation for brighter, more radiant skin.

In each of these ranges, you will find make-up removers, cleansers, exfoliants, lotions, serums, skin care creams, sun care creams, masks, eye contours.

You will benefit from a specific diagnosis of your skin to create a daily ritual adapted to your needs to maintain and improve the health of your skin.

You will also find travel sizes of your products to allow you to take them everywhere you go.

We also offer you boxes with the best skincare products for 15 days:

→ A care kit for dry skin.

→ A box with dermatological bestsellers for luminous and moisturized skin.

→ An anti-aging and firming box set.

→ An anti-blemish/acne care set for adults.

→ A repairing box for sensitive skin.