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Cavitation ultrasound to
permanently eliminate curves

Lipocavitation uses cavitation ultrasound to permanently eliminate unsightly fat. 

Fat is naturally stored in skin cells called adipocytes. 

When these fats are in excess, the adipocytes form localized fatty bulges. 

Focused ultrasound lipocavitation is a radical technique that effectively fights localized fatty deposits and allows for a lasting improvement in the volume and appearance of the skin, without any effort. 

The ultrasounds used are of multi-frequency power to produce air micro-bubbles in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. These microbubbles expand until they implode, emitting shock waves that break down the membranes of the targeted cells and release the fat stored there. This action leads to the natural elimination of fat by the body. 

After only a few sessions, I was back to my old self. It's fast and completely painless!

What are the advantages?

The effectiveness is guaranteed thanks to very powerful ultrasounds which act on the deep fats:

  • Reduction of fat volume
  • A non-invasive technique
  • A totally painless treatment
  • A short-term treatment

First, I make an appointment for an assessment, then I choose...

How much does
cavitation cost?

What are the results?

What are the indications for cavitation?

Cavitation is active on all subcutaneous fat with a fatty fold between 3 and 7 cm, whatever the location.

Why choose the cavitation of Maison Magnifisens?

Maison Magnifisens is equipped with the latest generation of cavitation equipment that complies with safety standards. We offer you personalized care thanks to our cavitation expertise. You will benefit from nutritional advice and medical follow-up by Dr. Texier. You will also find complementary care options to accompany your figure improvement program.