Photomodulation : zoom on this light technique with numerous benefits

A method used in aesthetic and general medicine, photomodulation is a revolutionary technique that allows us to regenerate our cells. How does it work? Simply by exposing them to a cold pulsed light. Derived from the soft laser, photomodulation allows, among other things, to deeply moisturize the skin, to oxygenate the blood, or to accelerate […]

The Jet Scalp treatment by Maison Magnifisens recommended by the blog “DO IT IN PARIS

Do you remember the blog “DO IT IN PARIS” which had already talked about Maison Magnifisens? Its testers came back to try a new exceptional anti-hair loss and even hair growth stimulation treatment! This treatment is the Jet Scalp. We share the article dedicated to Maison Magnifisens published on this blog, entitled: HAIR, THE SECRETS […]

How to prepare for your first permanent hair removal session?

Permanent hair removal is on the rise! And for good reason, laser technologies have made enormous progress, becoming both safer and more painless. If you are thinking of booking your first permanent hair removal session, it is essential to be well prepared. Even if the contraindications and possible side effects are very rare, and most […]

Do you know the differences between aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery?

While cosmetic surgery has been practiced for many years, we have been witnessing for some time the emergence and development of aesthetic medicine, sometimes without really knowing what it consists of. These are two very different fields, and often complementary. They aim to beautify, or even rejuvenate, your face and figure. Different practices for a […]

Everything you need to know about permanent hair removal

Everyone does what they want with their hair. If you are one of those who want to get rid of it, there are methods that are more effective than others. For example, you may be tired of ephemeral hair removal (waxing, razor or epilator) and want to opt for a more permanent method. If you […]

Maison Magnifisens recommended by the blog “DO IT IN PARIS”

(Re)discover an exceptional treatment: the Jet Peel!

Why is it so important to have toned abs?

We give you 3 good medical reasons…

Fight against cancer: Pink October

It is a national campaign to inform people about early detection and the fight against cancer.

Do I have dehydrated skin?

On appelle peau déshydratée, une peau dont l’épiderme manque d’eau.

Two recipes for homemade moisturizing masks

Two do-it-yourself recipes to rehydrate the skin on your face → What we want: beautiful, moisturized, comfortable, supple and glowing skin Using a moisturizing mask helps to restore beautiful, moisturized, comfortable, supple and radiant skin and to prevent the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and other imperfections. It is a real anti-aging treatment. → Benefits […]