Parisian magazine Showcase recommends the expertise of Maison Magnifisens

Showcase is a Parisian magazine dedicated to luxury, whether in fashion, beauty or lifestyle. In its latest issue, it recommends the expertise of Maison Magnifisens and the “A solution for every need” method developed by Dr Sandra Texier. Showcase looks back at the “guaranteed long-term effect” and the technologies and various high-performance techniques in which […]

EMFace in the top of the Challenges’ radiance face care

Last week, Challenges magazine decided to review facials to “live a similar experience to those of the stars of the Croisette”, Cannes festival obliges! Every year, they parade on the red carpet and “reveal themselves with a radiant complexion, slightly tanned and a luminous look, without any wrinkle or imperfection”. Challenges wanted to give you […]

The “Actu beauté” blog recommends the EMTone by Maison Magnifisens

This time, it is the EMTone from Maison Magnifisens that was spotted by the blog “Actu beauté” in its article: “5 tips to lose weight in spring”. The latter lists the tips and treatments to do in early spring to “lighten up after the winter season” and to “clean up our body”. The article reminds […]

Vanity Fair recommends the techniques of the Maison Magnifisens

The Vanity Fair editorial board discusses non-invasive techniques for painless rejuvenation: “These advanced techniques promise to make your skin look more youthful. This is an opportunity for us to put the spotlight back on treatments such as Plasma, Morpheus8 and Radiofrequency. Vanity reminds us that “there is a real awareness that the skin must be […]

The Jet Peel by Maison Magnifisens in the fashion and beauty selection of L’Obs

As L’Obs writes, “spring is approaching, and it floats in the air like a perfume of renewal”. And what better way to celebrate than with a Jet Peel? The treatment of Maison Magnifiens is part of the selection of fashion and beauty of L’Obs. The magazine recalls the principle: “to propel a flow of frozen […]

The blog has tested the Renata França method of Maison Magnifisens

Lymphatic drainage allows you to quickly obtain visible and lasting results. But in her new article, Matilde from the blog wonders: “where do we do it? And how to choose a practitioner for this treatment which, due to its notoriety, is becoming more and more popular in the capital? For her, no hesitation, head […]

The Jet Peel of Maison Magnifisens, “a Parisian gem” for blog

The French expatriate blog,, has just published a new article: “Parisian gems to reveal your beauty” where it is about facials and massages. The blog lists the best addresses in the capital to be pampered. Among them, Maison Magnifisens is mentioned for its Jet Peel. This is an opportunity for the blog to come […]

Kobido: the anti-aging face massage

Originally, two shiatsu masters (the ancestors of shiatsu) fought a months-long battle to satisfy a Japanese empress who needed special care to maintain her legendary beauty… ! There were no winners, but these two masters joined forces to create the Kobido house, with exclusive treatment reserved for royalty and geisha. With 48 programs, the Kobido […]

For the blog MONSIEUR MADA.ME, Maison Magnifisens is a “temple of fitness”.

We were looking for a way to synthesize the offer of the Maison Magnifisens. The blog MONSIEUR MADA.ME found it for us! In its latest article, it describes our aesthetic medicine center as a “temple of fitness” and specifies that we offer “beauty expertise in a calm and serene setting”. And that’s exactly it! At […]

Renata França drainage for pregnant women

Renata França drainage for pregnant women is a type of massage designed to relieve tension and pain in the legs and feet of pregnant women. It is a manual technique that consists of pressure and sliding movements on the legs and feet of the pregnant woman to promote blood and lymphatic circulation and to relieve […]