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The major benefits of having well-toned abs

Having well-toned abs is not only about physical and aesthetic appearance; it is also an indicator of good health and overall well-being. Here’s why it’s beneficial to work on them, especially in the context of aesthetic medicine

L’ Improvement of posture is the first reason

Strong abs contribute to supporting the back and maintaining better posture. This can reduce lower back pain, often caused by weakness in the core muscles. Good posture is also associated with a better self-image and increased confidence

Strengthening the CORE

The “core” refers to the group of muscles located at the center of the body, surrounding and supporting the spine and vital organs, mainly in the belly and lower back area. This muscle group includes

Abdominal muscles,
including the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles), internal and external obliques (which help with trunk rotation and lateral flexion), and the transverse abdominis (which stabilizes the trunk and maintains intra-abdominal pressure).

Lower back muscles,
notably the erector spinae, which run along the spine and contribute to upright posture and back movements.

Pelvic muscles and hip,
muscles, which support the pelvis and play a role in body stability

The diaphragm,
which is crucial for breathing but also helps with spine stability and posture

Strengthening this central muscle group is essential not only for athletic performance but also for injury prevention and overall posture improvement. A strong core helps reduce the risk of injuries, promotes the ability to perform daily tasks, supports more efficient body movements, and can contribute to reducing back pain and other body areas

Injury prevention is essential

A strong core helps protect internal organs and spinal structures by absorbing and redistributing forces exerted on the body. This reduces the risk of injuries, especially during sports activities, physical exercises, and everyday life stresses

Improvement of respiratory capacity is one of the benefits

The abs play a role in breathing, especially in helping to expel air from the lungs. The diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle, and it works in synergy with the belly muscles, particularly the transverse abdominis, which acts as support during breathing. When the abs are strong, they can help the diaphragm function more efficiently, facilitating deeper and more controlled breathing.

These muscles play an important role in decreasing thoracic volume during exhalation. When they are well-toned, they allow for a more forced and complete expiration, which is essential for expelling the maximum amount of air from the lungs. This is particularly beneficial during physical exercise or any activity requiring intense breathing.

Good posture, supported by strong abs, allows the lungs to expand more fully during inhalation. This optimizes space in the thoracic cavity, increasing the amount of air the lungs can hold and promoting better blood oxygenation.

The abs play a key role in the coughing process, which is vital for clearing the airways of secretions and contaminants. Well-toned muscles can make coughing more effective, thereby helping to maintain clear airways.

In summary, well-developed abs improve respiratory capacity by better supporting the diaphragm, optimizing thoracic mechanics, and contributing to better posture, all of which together enable more efficient and deeper breathing

Appearance and self-confidence are also enhanced

In the context of aesthetic medicine, the appearance of the abs is often a major concern for many people. When well-defined, it can greatly enhance self-confidence and psychological well-being

Weight loss is promoted

Travailler ses muscles peut aider à augmenter la masse musculaire, ce qui à son tour accélère le métabolisme. Un métabolisme plus rapide facilite la perte de poids et la gestion du poids sur le long terme. Voici les raisons:

Increased muscle mass

Improved energy efficiency during activities

A strong core improves posture and stability, making movements more efficient and less energy-consuming. This efficiency can enable more intense or longer physical activities, increasing the total number of calories burned during exercise

Role in hormonal regulation

Physical exercise, especially those that intensely engage muscles like ab workouts, can influence the levels of various hormones involved in metabolism. For example, physical activity can increase the levels of hormones such as catecholamines and growth hormones, which can both accelerate metabolism and promote fat reduction

Effect on insulin sensitivity

Regular physical activity, including exercises focused on the abs, can increase insulin sensitivity. This means the body can manage blood glucose more efficiently, which is beneficial for overall metabolism and can help prevent fat accumulation and reduce fat

Thermal effect of activity

Physical exercise, particularly intense ones like strength training, increases body temperature and, consequently, the number of calories burned to return to normal temperature. This thermal effect of activity is another factor contributing to increased total metabolism

In summary, strengthening the abs can contribute to a faster metabolism by increasing muscle mass, improving movement efficiency, regulating metabolism-affecting hormones, promoting insulin sensitivity, increasing calorie expenditure due to the thermal effect of physical activity, and reducing fat. All these factors can help maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

The benefits of having a well-toned core go far beyond appearance. It contributes to better physical health, injury prevention, and a significant improvement in quality of life. Incorporating exercises to tone your body into your daily routine is an investment in your future well-being

How to optimize abs strengthening with EMSculpt Neo® treatment ?

Muscle strengthening is no longer limited to traditional physical exercise sessions. Aesthetic medicine now offers advanced solutions such as EMSculpt® and EMSculpt Neo®, cutting-edge technology that allows for muscle toning without intense physical effort. Here’s how EMSculpt Neo® and its applicators can help you achieve your goal

EMSculpt Neo®: A revolution in aesthetic medicine

EMSculpt Neo® combines two technologies: radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM). Radiofrequency safely heats tissues to burn fat, heats muscles to intensify muscle work faster, and stimulates collagen and elastin fiber production in the abdominal skin to treat skin laxity, while HIFEM intensely stimulates muscles, equating to thousands of muscle contractions in a single session. This combination not only reduces local, general, and intra-visceral fat but also increases muscle mass by creating new muscle fibers and densifying them. Clinical studies have shown average results of a 25% increase in targeted muscle mass and a 30% decrease in fat mass. The muscle contractions are so powerful that one EMSculpt NEO® session equals 20,000 abdominal contractions or squats

Targeting central abs

EMSculpt Neo®’s classic applicators are specially designed to target central abs. They are strategically positioned on the belly to precisely deliver the energy needed to contract the muscles. Results are often visible after a few sessions, with a significant increase in muscle strength and tone and a decrease in fat

EDGE applicators for eliminating love handles

EMSculpt Neo®’s EDGE® applicators are a notable advancement for treating less accessible areas, such as the obliques. They are used to sculpt and define belly contours like the infamous love handles, slimming the waist and improving the overall shape. Thanks to their innovative design, they allow for broader coverage and more homogeneous energy distribution.

Treatment protocol and results of EMSculpt® NEO®

An EMSculpt Neo® session lasts about 30 minutes, during which the patient can relax while the machine works to intensively tone the targeted muscles. For optimal results, a protocol of four to six sessions spaced 5 to 10 days apart is generally recommended. Improvements can be observed as early as the first few weeks, with continuous results improving over several months.

Why choose EMSculpt® technology to tone your abs ?

Non-invasive and painless: Unlike surgery, an EMSculpt Neo® session is non-invasive and requires no recovery period. After EMSculpt® sessions, you won’t feel muscle fatigue or soreness thanks to an alternation of muscle contractions and specific drainage during the session.

Clinically proven effectiveness: Clinical studies show a significant reduction in fat in the belly, love handles, and visceral areas and an increase in muscle mass with EMSculpt NEO®.

Quick and convenient: An EMSculpt session lasts 30 minutes, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Results are long-lasting: With a healthy lifestyle, the effects of this treatment can last for several months after the last session, supporting a healthy lifestyle

For those looking to sculpt their body and improve the appearance of their belly quickly and effectively, EMSculpt Neo® treatment is a top choice in aesthetic medicine. By combining classic and EDGE® applicators, this advanced technology allows for targeting, sculpting, and toning the abs, offering impressive results and contributing to better overall health.

This medical technology can be extended to other muscles such as the buttocks, arms, and thighs. Using EMSculpt® helps achieve body reshaping with suitable and harmonious muscle development while eliminating fat if necessary.

An appointment with an aesthetic doctor at your aesthetic medicine center in Paris is mandatory and will be conducted before your EMSculpt Neo muscle strengthening session. During this medical consultation, the doctor will ensure that EMSculpt® treatment is the most suitable for your needs, that you have no medical contraindications, answer your questions, and establish your muscle strengthening treatment protocol based on the targeted area to be treated. The main contraindications to EMSculpt® are epilepsy, current pregnancy or breastfeeding, having a pacemaker or any metallic element. Multiple areas can be treated consecutively, such as the belly, arms, thighs, and calves with this EMSculpt® technology on the same day during the same session. EMSculpt NEO® treatment is for women and men starting from 18 years old and has no age limit.