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New in 2022:
massages by Maison Magnifisens

We all know the relaxing benefits of massages. But their beneficial effects are much more numerous than they seem!

massage du dos

1/ The benefits of massage on the muscular system with the disappearance of tension points, muscle fatigue, feelings of tense muscles, stiffness … You can then find more flexibility and mobility.

2/ The benefits of massage on the cardiovascular system with the vasodilatation of the superficial blood vessels which increases the transport of oxygen and nutrients and accelerates the evacuation of toxins.

3/ The benefits of massage on the lymphatic system with the stimulation of the immune system which aims to make the body more resistant.

4/ And of course: the benefits of massage on the mind. A massage allows you to relax and be less stressed. It allows you to recharge your batteries and offers an unparalleled cocooning effect. You can then refocus on yourself and let go.

When I come out of a massage session, I am more relaxed, my mind is clearer and I sleep much better!

What massages are offered?

Maison Magnifisens offers a wide range of massages for everyone to enjoy:

  • candle massage (hot scented oil).
  • hot stone massage.
  • duo massage.
  • Californian massage.
  • massage shiatsu.
  • massage of the world.
  • massage

I choose the massage that suits me...

How much does
a massage cost?

What are the prices?