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Maison Magnifisens in the ELLE Magazine Selection of Medispas

Maison Magnifisens in the ELLE Magazine Selection of Medispas

The latest issue of ELLE Magazine has just been released (this Thursday, October 19) featuring an article dedicated to medispas, or medicalized spas, these centers that offer multidisciplinary care to combine well-being and relaxation with aesthetic medicine techniques.

And among the recommended addresses: Maison Magnifisens!

The article first revisits the concept that “demystifies the use of aesthetic medicine” and where one goes “as one goes to the hairdresser”, before reminding that these are still medical treatments and it is important to verify who you are entrusting your face and body to.

The rest of the article is devoted to the good addresses where you can go without mistake. ELLE Magazine highlights the care provided by Dr. Sandra Texier at Maison Magnifisens which offers “an ideal angle to take charge of oneself: personalized coaching with an osteopath, followed by a session of EmsculptNeo (a machine that develops the muscles of the buttocks and abs) or even palpate-roller. For the face, the doctor focuses on radiance, anti-aging, and hydration with treatments like microneedling, NCTF 135 HA, plasma…”

Do not hesitate to discover all the treatments offered by Maison Magnifisens for the face and silhouette.

And to read the full article from ELLE Magazine, visit your nearest newsstand.