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The blog has tested the Renata França method of Maison Magnifisens

Lymphatic drainage allows you to quickly obtain visible and lasting results. But in her new article, Matilde from the blog wonders: “where do we do it? And how to choose a practitioner for this treatment which, due to its notoriety, is becoming more and more popular in the capital? For her, no hesitation, head for “the temple of well-being, beauty and health in Paris”… Maison Magnifisens.

For the blogger, our Renata Franca Lymphatic Drainage is “a must in Paris” and Maison Magnifisens, a place for “beauty addicts with non-invasive techniques, where you take care of yourself, your beauty, your well-being and your health… naturally”.

In her article, the blog comes back on the benefits of the Renata França method, but also describes the course of her session. Taken care of by Romain (physiotherapist, osteopath and sports coach) whom she describes as “professional and caring”, Matilde also explains why lymphatic drainage is recommended for pregnant women.

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