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Kobido: the anti-aging face massage

Originally, two shiatsu masters (the ancestors of shiatsu) fought a months-long battle to satisfy a Japanese empress who needed special care to maintain her legendary beauty… !

There were no winners, but these two masters joined forces to create the Kobido house, with exclusive treatment reserved for royalty and geisha.

With 48 programs, the Kobido massage has been around for centuries and remains one of the best anti-aging tools. This facial massage refreshes the face…

The art of Kobido harmonizes the body and mind for ultimate relaxation. It is a draining and lifting massage that must be very rigorous. With regular practice, the results are amazing.

What is Kobido?

Kobido is a facial massage technique that works on the meridians and acupuncture points.

It rebalances the energy circulation of the face and neck. This good energetic distribution is at the origin of the skin’s youthfulness.

This facial massage is known to stimulate the overall energy circulation of the face, neck and body and to release muscular tension that promotes the appearance of wrinkles.

A one-time treatment can rejuvenate the complexion, reveal a radiant skin and counter the effects of stress.

Regular practice can delay skin aging, reshape facial contours, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promote collagen production, replenish epidermal oxygen, reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, improve skin texture, relax facial and neck muscles, and bring deep relaxation.

Kobido, more than a massage!

It is a traditional art, just like origami or tea ceremony, which is based on a great rigor. Extremely complex, it is based on more than a thousand techniques, which are divided into 48 categories. In each of them, several variations are proposed according to the part of the face on which they are applied. They are performed with a cream, not an oil, to keep the close contact with the tissues. And from time to time, the therapist adds a few drops of water to improve the glide.

During the massage, the fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders are used in a series of synchronized gestures (smoothing, kneading, percussion, vibrations, etc.) that is like a ballet choreography! One side of the face is worked on, then the other. Depending on the intensity and speed at which the gestures are performed, the action on the facial structures is more or less profound, the goal of the session being to provoke a real “lifting” effect on the face.

It is possible, by hand or by machine, to perform a deep massage of the facial structures.

However, the sensations are different. The hand is more generous, more sensual.

The machine offers the advantage of a regular gesture, with an intensity precisely adjusted according to the quality of the fabrics and the desired effect.

But in any case, the effectiveness of Kobido massage on the quality of the skin is scientifically proven!

While both techniques target the muscles, facial gymnastics performed daily will undoubtedly bring even more results.