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jet scalp

The Jet Scalp treatment by Maison Magnifisens recommended by the blog “DO IT IN PARIS”

Do you remember the blog “DO IT IN PARIS” which had already talked about Maison Magnifisens? Its testers came back to try a new exceptional anti-hair loss and even hair growth stimulation treatment!

This treatment is the Jet Scalp.

We share the article dedicated to Maison Magnifisens published on this blog, entitled: HAIR, THE SECRETS OF THE PROS TO MAKE THEM GROW FASTER.

And according to the blog “DO IT IN PARIS” (who came to test this treatment), the Jet Scalp is THE “ultimate treatment that combines detox drainage, vitamin absorption and a photomodulation session to boost metabolism and activate the mitochondria at the heart of the cells.”

According to the blog “DO IT IN PARIS”, the Jet Scalp is “a rejuvenating bath that goes beyond the cosmetic effect with baby hairs”!

To read this article in full, click here: DO IT IN PARIS.