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The "Actu beauté" blog recommends the EMTone by Maison Magnifisens

The “Actu beauté” blog recommends the EMTone by Maison Magnifisens

This time, it is the EMTone from Maison Magnifisens that was spotted by the blog “Actu beauté” in its article: “5 tips to lose weight in spring”. The latter lists the tips and treatments to do in early spring to “lighten up after the winter season” and to “clean up our body”.

The article reminds us that it is the beginning of the sprint to the “famous body summer” and that there are only 3 or 4 months left “to have a slimmed down body, even sculpted, provided that you find the method adapted to your needs.

“Actu Beauté” believes that if “one wishes to dislodge recalcitrant cellulite, the EMTone technique practiced at Magnifisens House is an effective method to chase away that orange peel that one cannot see!”

You can read the entire article on the “Actu beauté” blog and make an appointment for an EMTone session, the only technology that works on all types of cellulite.